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Freecode maintains the Web's largest index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software, as well as mobile applications.

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Open Source Content Management System - Open Source CMS - CMS PHP - CMS Made...

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CMS Made Simple - the open source content management system for the rest of us

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SilverStripe.org - Open Source CMS / Framework

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The SilverStripe open source software for building and editing powerful websites. The SilverStripe Content Management System (CMS) for website editors is fast, flexible, and free.

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The symfony 1.x Homepage - Symfony

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Symfony - Open-Source PHP web framework

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Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates.

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Download and upload free web designs.

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Powered by You! :: XOOPS Web Application System

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XOOPS CMS is an extensible, OO (Object Oriented), easy to use dynamic web content management system (CMS) written in PHP. XOOPS is the ideal tool for developing small to large...

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Roundcube - Free and Open Source Webmail Software

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Free and open source webmail software for the masses, written in PHP

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WebsiteBaker CMS | Open Source Content Management

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WebsiteBaker helps you to create the website you want: A free, easy, secure, flexible and extensible Open Source Content Management System.

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Leading Enterprise Java Web Framework | ZK

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ZK is the leading open source Ajax + Mobile Java Web framework integrating jQuery, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, JavaEE, Grails, Scala and many more.

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Datamation: IT Management, IT Salary, Cloud Computing, Open Source,...

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News and analysis for IT managers, including coverage of IT salaries and certifications, cloud computing, open source, mobile apps, virtualization, data center, networks,...

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Framasoft - Logiciels Libres

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Association française de loi 1901, issue du monde éducatif, Framasoft est un réseau d'éducation populaire consacré principalement au logiciel libre. Le réseau s'organise en...

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Edgewall Software: Home

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Edgewall is a highly experienced team of software developers specializing in emerging internet and web technologies. We build professional, innovative and creative solutions for...

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The Linux Foundation

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The Linux Foundation is a non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux, and promoting standardization and technical collaboration of Open Source Linux

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Stellarium is a planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars. It's easy to use, and free.

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Sourcefabric provides open source CMS, radio automation and book production software for media and j

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The NetBSD Project

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PowerPC, Alpha, SPARC, MIPS, SH3, ARM, amd64, i386, m68k, VAX: Of course it runs NetBSD.

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ATutor Learning Management System: Information:

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ATutor is a free Open Source Web-based elearning environment designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Create online courses, develop, reuse, and share standardized...

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OTRS Help Desk software - OTRS IT Service Management software - Free Open...

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OTRS comprises the OTRS Help Desk Software "OTRS Help Desk" and the OTRS IT Service Management Software "OTRS ITSM". OTRS is a free open source ticket system that helps to...

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開放你的自由軟體專案 - OpenFoundry

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順應國內外自由軟體應用日益普及的潮流,中央研究院資訊科學研究所於民國92年接受經濟部工業局「自由軟體產業推動計畫」的補助,成立自由軟體鑄造場 (Open Source Software Foundry,以下簡稱 OSSF...

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OpenLDAP, Main Page

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The Open Source for LDAP software and information. Home of OpenLDAP.

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